Initiative for Sustainable Energy


  • Nitin Padture

    Nitin Padture

    ISE Director, Otis E. Randall University Professor, School of Engineering
  • Yue Qi

    Yue Qi

    ISE Deputy Director and Research & Innovation Lead, Joan Wernig Sorensen Professor, School of Engineering
  • Roderic Beresford

    Rod Beresford

    ISE Translation, Practice & Outreach Lead, Professor, School of Engineering
  • Daniel Ibarra

    Daniel Ibarra

    Manning Assistant Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences and Environment and Society
  • J. Brad Marston

    Brad Marston

    ISE Education & Training Lead, Professor, Department of Physics
  • Shouheng Sun

    Shouheng Sun

    Vernon K. Krieble Professor, Department of Chemistry